Leaving Your Mark

We have a unique opportunity to chart the course of our local healthcare for the next 20 years. Investing in community healthcare helps to assure no matter what the healthcare system looks like, William Newton is ready to meet the challenge. From room replacements to physician recruitment & scholarships, medical equipment to endowment, each area is essential to the future.

You can be assured that your dollars are spent locally and as you direct. The Foundation does not use any donor funds for operating expenses.

Donate Today

Join the Foundation as we support the best in healthcare because our community deserves a health system on which it can depend.

Planned Giving

You can start making a lasting difference in our community right now.

What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving is an area of pledging in which supporters of William Newton can include the Foundation in future gifts. Speak with your financial planner for ways to best design charitable gifts to benefit you and your family. Estate planning is a key component of planned gifts. The Foundation can arrange for you to meet with a financial planner at no cost to answer questions on how to best meet your goals.

Make a difference Today

You may not be able to support the Foundation at a level you would like. Planned giving allows you the opportunity to contribute tomorrow and be recognized for your generosity today. Join us in the Heritage group committing resources for tomorrow's healthcare.

Become a Volunteer

From our dedicated Board of Directors to the many high school students who help with our annual Gingerbread Festival, volunteers are an important part of our organization and we value the time & talents that individuals are willing to share with us.

If you are you interested in volunteering to benefit the William Newton Healthcare Foundation please contact our office.

Volunteers contribute to the great success of our events and the initiatives that we support. We thank you for your interest.